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Shows are 100% free for schools. A show lasts roughly 50 minutes, and most schools ask us to do two shows to reach all of their K-5 students. We will need a 30 minute break between multiple shows to reset.

Can we come to your school?

Are you near by? Our ‘coverage area’ includes any school that is within 90 minutes travel time from the Navy Base. Not sure if that includes your school? Use this tool to find out. It’s the same tool we’ll use to confirm you are in our coverage area. We wish we could travel all over, but limited budget and availability has imposed this restriction on us.

Have we already been to your school recently? If we have been to your school during the past 12 months, please understand that we would like to make sure we cover as many schools as possible and refrain from requesting a show. Make sure to add your address to our mailing list  at the bottom of the page. We will notify all subscribes when more spots become available this year and the next.

What do you need to do?

We will need 90 minutes to setup for our first show, so please make sure someone is there to let us in. We bring our own sound system and prefer to use it over built-in school systems. We’ll need to be able to control the lighting in the performance area, and have access to a near-by large sink. A janitor’s closet usually suffices. Our equipment is sensitive to high humidity, so we ask that you lower the thermostat in the performance area by 5 degrees the morning of the performance. This usually require submitting a request to your maintenance staff prior to the performance day.

Booking is closed for the summer. Check back this fall for the 2019-2020 schedule!



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