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Show Recap – Disadvantaged Children Christmas Party


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Show Recaps – Panama City Advanced School

The Science Brothers visit Panama City Advanced School. This is a small private school in Panama City, and we visited them to spark some interest in Science!

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Show Recap – Kids day at Kinsaul Park

The Science Brothers and friends visit Kinsaul park to show off some fun and messy science!

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Show Recap – Hiland Park Elementary

On April 8, 2011 the ‘Science Brothers’ visited Hiland Park Elementary School. This was the first show by the Science Brothers at an elementary school; and the media was there. Were we nervous? You bet we were!

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Show Recap – Parker Elementary

On April 29th, 2011 the Science Brothers visited Parker Elementary School. Another beautiful day for science, this time we had extra help. Unfortunately, we ran into some problems with the sound system.

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Show Recap – Breakfast Point Academy

On April 22, 2011 the Science Brothers visited Breakfast Point Academy for the first time.The school is brand new and located behind Publix on Back Beach.

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How a Tesla Coil Works

The Tesla Coil we use in our show is a modern version of a classic device invented by Nikola Tesla. Our coil is called a DDSSTC (Dual Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil). This means the coil is controlled by transistors, just like in the computer you are reading this on. This is a modern upgrade to the device Tesla created, called the SSTC (Spark Gap Tesla Coil). But how does it work?

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